FLC Family Fun Night.png

We are so excited you are interested in serving with us for our FLC Family Fun Night. This event will take place on October 30, 2019 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Below are the areas we need to be filled and a description of job duties.

Everyone will not be serving the entire two hour period; we will create a rotating schedule for each area.

Trunk or Treat Vehicle

Be a part of trunk or treat by bringing your vehicle and decorating it and your parking spot! You will bring candy for your vehicle and come up with an activity or game and give out the candy as prizes. All candy must be individually wrapped. This is the only area that will be required to stay the full two hours. You can be with a friend/spouse and do it together and only one person has to be present.

Bouncy Houses

This is our biggest attraction for kids! We will have one person on the toy ensuring safety and enjoyment for all the children. There will also be one person at the beginning and end helping get on and off the toy.

Cake Walk

You could be announcing winners, giving out the prizes, controlling music, or helping manage and control those competitive people! This station is one of the most popular and we are always looking to keep it fun, organized and safe!

Face Painting

No artistic ability is required, just a mindset for fun and patience, then this area is for YOU! We need people willing to try and make them the best animal, princess or superhero they can be!

Parking Attendants

Help guide our attendees as they arrive by showing them where to park and helping them out in a safe and organized manner.

Greeting Team

You will welcome and greet people as they arrive. We will have a game that each person who arrives can guess how much candy is in a jar with a chance for the winner to get a prize. You will be there to create excitement, fun and direct attendees.